Oscar Fashion Re-Cap, RHOKer Style

The Oscars are really one of my favorite award shows to watch. And mainly, that's for the dresses. You see, even though I live in Old Navy and Gap, in my mind I am a serious fashion expert. Seriously, I could totally take Rachel Zoe's job and do it bettah, honey.

Ok, so let's move on to my favorite: pictures and commentary. You can agree, disagree or add in the comments, of course!

And, no, there are no men. I am sorry, a tux is a tux. A suit is a suit. Maybe they look different on the red carpet, but on TV it's all the same. I will mention the oddity of the two white tuxes that came out on the show itself: which were weird. Not a fan of a white tux.

Also, on the topic of the show....it was predictable, boring and a "hip" #fail. I didn't mind Anne. But what about Anne and Billy. Or Anne and Hugh?  Franco was a flop.

Mrs. Sinclair

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