Pioneer Woman and I Play a Game!

Okay, we really didn't. But, it sure looks like I am in these pictures. Good Lord! Why do I have to be so demonstrative with my body language?

Let me back up just a minute. Last week some friends and I went to Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels book signing at the Mayo Hotel in beautiful, historic downtown Tulsa, OK. My girls and I had been wanting a chance to visit the Mayo Hotel. It's GORRRGEOUS! And, of course, we weren't about to miss the chance to see Ree again. Yes, AGAIN. And, guess what?! She remembered me from the last one. That took my cool factor to an all new level! ;-)

If you've never been to one of her book signings there is one thing you must know. GET THERE EARLY. This one started at 6:30 and we got there at 5:00. We did not get our book signed until 9:00! (There was still half a room left after us - poor souls!)

We really didn't mind the wait too much though. The entire six hours I was out with my friends was spent laughing. Not just a chuckle here and there, but full on LAUGHING OUR BUMS OFF kind of laughing. The next day my face actually was sore from the laughing the night before. That, my friends, is indeed some good medicine.

One of the hotel employees asked us if we would let two elderly women cut in front us of when we got close to the front. Of course. We respect the elderly, but other women who try to cheat and cut in front of us we will so call out on the blog! We are sweet like that. If you don't think I'll do it then read here and then the apology here

These two "young" ladies were delightful. My friend Tracy, who is a true goofball, buddied right up with them. She had them (and herself, I think) convinced they were triplets named Mary, Jerry & Terry! Right off the bat, Tracy squats down and starts talking to them and this is the first thing I heard:

Tracy: "So, do you follow Ree's blog?"
Mary: "Gosh, no. I don't even have a computer."
Tracy: "Oh, so you're just here for the drinks, too?!"

That girl had us (and, them) laughing nonstop. Before long, one of the ladies tapped me on the arm and said, "If this girl ever writes a book, will you let me know so I can buy it?!" Uh, oh, Ree! You might have some competition. *snicker*

It cracked me up that Tracy even got in their picture with Ree. LOL!  I did make sure to get pictures of them with just Ree though. Ree even asked me to email them to her. There's that cool factor again. Ha!

While we were waiting for valet to get our car, we met another group of fun women. We took turns taking each others' pictures on the beautiful staircase at the hotel. We hit it off so well that we all met up next at McNellie's for some sweet potato fries. It was there that we learned they live in our same small suburb! What a small world we live in. It's always fun making new friends. 

My new friends. 

My old friends. Ha! I kid, I kid. 

Here we are with Ree and her brother Mikey. Both are just precious. She is just beautiful inside and out.

Now, for the pictures that look like I was playing some sort of game with Ree. It's okay to laugh. I certainly did. 

I warned you...  I'm pretty sure I would not know how to talk if I didn't use my hands, or my body for that matter. 

~Mrs. Albright

Playing games with the Pioneer Woman like a......

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