The RHOK Reads - Pioneer Woman - Week 1

Hello, fellow RHOKstars...and readers! 
The RHOK Reads

Hopefully everyone has picked up their very own copy of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels by Ree Drummond, aka The Pioneer Woman...PW...PDub.

If you haven't bought, downloaded, or checked-out your book, don't panic.  You still have time!  We're going to start this week reading chapters 1-5.  So, you still have time to get your book and start reading!

You know what is SO COOL about Ree?  Besides the fact that she is THE Pioneer Woman...and she's beautiful...and funny...and uber cool?  She's a blogger.  I think it's something that the majority of us can identify with.  The beginnings of this book started on her blog as weekly installments chronicalling her love story with the Marlboro Man.  Some of you who are long time followers probably remember reading some of these stories on-line at

Your assignment for the next week is simple.  Just read the first 5 chapters.  That'll get us half way through Part 1.  I think it'll be a breeze.  Ree's writing is so easy to's just flows so naturally.  Next week, we'll post some discussion questions over the first 5 chapters.  You'll be able to discuss them with us in the comments or create a post of your own discussing the chapters.  We'll have our snazzy button up that you can'll be fun!

Remember for every time you comment or post during our RHOK Reads posts, you'll be entered in a Pioneer Woman giveaway, that will include a PW Cookbook among other things!

Also, if you have questions you'd like to submit for discussion, shoot us an email and we'll include them in the next week's blog post (giving you a shout-out, of course).

We love crowd participation!

First 5 chapters...GO!

Happy Reading,
Mrs. Edwards

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