What's In YOUR Pockets...

I am just curious... what do you pull out of your kiddo's/husbands pockets before washing clothes or ummm in my case AFTER the clothes are dried?

In the past week, and in no particular order (to protect the innocent OR the not so innocent), I have found...

♥Tootsie Rolls


♥Jolly Ranchers (UGH!)

♥keys-that no one has claimed

♥iPod (Thank goodness I caught this before the wash.)

♥index cards (my poor dryer)

♥Q~Tips (I think they were Q-Tips!)

♥tissues (Coulda been toilet paper, just not sure.)

♥Carmex lip balm

♥a condom wrapper (I hope the condom got washed and was cremated by the dryer.)

♥a tampon (washed and dried and it wasn't pretty and I have the string to prove it)


♥enrollment form for the new school year (okay bits 'N pieces of it - LOTS of bits 'N pieces)

♥sunflower seeds

♥beef jerky (It was some seriously hydrated jerky after the dryer was done with it.)

♥a glue stick or it's shell

♥a Sharpie pen (that colored/blotted my favorite pair of green sweats)

♥a tennis ball

♥A mini deck of cards (Seriously! I found the plastic case which is how I knew it was mini cards)

And, lastly, it's official...  I am laundering MONEY! And it's all mine, mine, mine....

So tell me, what do you find in your kids pockets? Or your husband's? Am I the only one who doesn't check pockets before washing?

Mrs Bundy

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