Where's the Care in Healthcare?

As many people that read my personal blog may know, I like to read, where Heather chronicles the life they had with their precious baby Maddie, and now their new sweet babe, Annie. Maddie was born prematurely, and though she lived a grand life, it ended tragically short.  The Spohr family is just one of many supporters of the March of Dimes, and their work to prevent premature births. You might remember Grayce and I even made our own team up for the March of Dimes walk, made our own tee's and won 2nd place for Maddie!

Well, a week or so ago I was completely taken aback with some seriously CRAPPY news about the so called "healthcare" we have here in this country.

You can find the link to the entire story here. But the gist of it is "The price of the drug that helps pregnant women avoid pre-term labor, is about to shoot way up from about 20 dollars a dose to 1500 dollars a dose.  The federal government granted exclusive rights for the sale of the drug called Makena to the company Ther-Rx Corp. (a subsidiary of KV Pharmaceutical) in order to 'ensure the drug's quality'. " (source Connect2Utah)

So, basically, the drug that has been used FOR YEARS, just fine, with no issues, made generically and very economically, will now be made by ONE company- a monopoly- because our government gave them permission. By all means, let's give everyone a monopoly and hike up prices 75 times more than needed.  

Does that sound like a good plan? How about we only let Highland Dairy make milk and sell it for $239 a gallon? I'll be in charge of t-shirts for all. They'll be $750 each, okay?

I generally am passionate about NOTHING political in nature. But lately, health care and insurance issues are really starting to piss me off. This is not a drug that's taken years to find and make. This is a drug that has been used for years to help stop babies from being born too early and living lives of complications. This drug ALREADY EXISTED. The March of Dimes was all for making this drug with better standards in place and having it more readily available: but was given no insight to the cost increase. At present, there is now great concern over this significant price hike. A significant, ridiculous and completely UNNECESSARY hike. It's now about that KV company making money, not about saving babies.

Once again, FDA is taking the care out of  healthcare. And I can't seem to find one thing we can do about that, short of becoming POTUS.

However, you can still help the March of Dimes, and sweet Maddie's team. CLICK for details.

Mrs. Sinclair

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