Dancing like a RHOK Star

Watch out Beyonce. The mothers, aunts and grandmothers of Beautiful Feet Dance Company just may give the single ladies you refer to in your hit single some serious thinking to do. If you have been reading The RHOK for any length of time you know that yours truly, Mrs. Hart, has been taking her daughter weekly to dance lessons. Being the devoted mother and team player I am, when the instructor extraordinaire Mrs. Pam Arroyo told us about a group dance that we would be doing, I said yes, after all how hard could it be.  I participated in sports my entire life and some cheerleading. And then she said we had to dance in heels and wear all black. Ha! Ha! I just broke my ankle the year before. Now the black- I could handle.
My "Mom" Friends
The Shoe- isn't it delish?
I even had a mishap while rehearsing in those shoes. I ripped the bottom of my capri pants. It nearly ended my dancing career for good!

Now your going to think this post is all about dancing, its not. It's about what it took to get me to that dancing. Not only did I get up there and do my diddy for my little girl, I wore the heels, I emceed the event, and I learned several valuable lessons. Yes, I needed some Spanx-okay a lot! Lesson learned, when you get out there and start shaking your thang, it all shakes with you. But, it took an inner courage to overcome a few things. Laughing at myself, the fear of failure, breaking my ankle again, embarrassment in front of my family and friends, volunteering, and knowing that no matter what, that my children were proud of me for being up there participating right along beside them. 
My little dancer & me after the recital!

I hope that wherever you are in life's journey that you will enjoy this video and that if you ever get the chance that you will dance like a RHOK Star- and just have FUN!

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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