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Fair warning: I am writing this post high on nubain and phenegran for a migraine. But, once again, I find it my day already (where DOES time go?) and I can't cop out. I mean, I could try, but it only delays the inevitable.

SO, since the time is coming when the school bus no longer comes and takes the kids away for a few hours, thus leaving you to entertain them for hours on end, I shall share with you

As many kids do, my kids have always said they wanted to be doctors. But, my kids may not just be saying that. You see, they LOVE to watch surgery and doctor shows. Are they totally weird? Their dad certainly thinks so when it is on while he is trying to enjoy a snack or something!  

Anyway, back on track now to the summer entertainment value. (wowza! I am loooooooopy!) One day, in order for them to have some learning fun, Gavin was playing around on one of the site links listed from one of his teachers. The site was called . On this site, you can perform virtual surgery on people. No, I am not kidding.

Go ahead, check it out. He and Grayce did knee surgery, and totally enjoyed themselves. They have done a total hip replacement since. And now you can do a stem cell transplant, brain surgery, along with many other fun things that don't have to do with medicine, but that do have to do with science!

If you happen to have any fun links for kids in your arsenal, please share with us in the comments section. I promise to get all motivated and compile them all and share them in the side bar or on one of our pages!

Happy Friday Eve,
Mrs. Sinclair

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