Eggstravaganza of Easter Craft & Activity Ideas

Easter is one of my favorite holidays. I love the representation of new growth, starting over, sunshine, flowers & forgiveness. Here are some cute ideas I have found for this weekend that I hope you will like...

Easy Egg Craft
Move over, food dye! Egg decorating just got a whole lot swankier. Below, get instructions for perking up your batches with patterned paper napkins, glitter and more from celebrity decorator Eddie Ross & as seen in Women's Day Magazine.
• Paper napkins (we used Caspari Goldfish in green from the Dabney Lee collection, and Pearls in Robin’s Egg Blue and Green, $6 for 20 luncheon napkins;
• Sharp scissors
• 1" paintbrush
• Decoupage glue (we used Plaid Paper Mod Podge, $5.99 for 8 oz; for store locations)
• 2 1/4"-tall white plastic eggs or whatever large size

 (we used Design Your Own! Easter Eggs, $9.99 for 144;
• Wire drying rack
• X-Acto knife
• Small Candies
1. Unfold paper napkins and separate layers. Cut layers into small diamonds (ours were 1" x 1/2", and we needed about 15 diamonds to cover one egg).
2. Dip brush into the decoupage glue and apply to an area slightly larger than a napkin diamond on the front center of the egg (the back will have a hinge); place diamond on glue. Dip brush into glue and gently smooth on top of diamond from the center out.
3. Apply glue to a diamond-size area adjacent to one side of the stuck-on diamond. Place a napkin diamond on glue, slightly overlapping the edges of the stuck-on diamond and trying to line up the pattern. Repeat to cover entire front. Let egg dry on rack about 10 minutes, napkin-covered-side up.
4. Repeat on back of egg, starting from the center and working out. Overlap the edges slightly more if you run out of space. Let dry thoroughly.
5. If filling egg with candy, use an X-Acto knife to carefully slice along the seam of the egg, leaving hinge intact. Open, fill and close.

Easter Story Hunt Game
Check out  Children love to hunt for Easter eggs.  In this egg-citing game your kids can hunt for eggs over and over again without ever being at risk for a cavity from too much candy.  Instead of candy they will actually learn the Easter story.

Pita Rabbit

One look at this sweet, fluffy bunny lunch, and your child will hop right up to the table. I'm going to make these for lunch boxes & snacks this weekend. Thought it would be fun if the kiddos made their own.
Pita bread
Peanut butter
Marshmallow fluff
Red jam
*I'm actually going to use cream cheese, carrots, olives, cucumbers, maybe a lil' honey*
  1. Separate a small pita bread into two circles by inserting a butter knife between the layers from the outer edge and then carefully cutting around the circumference. Use one circle for the bunny's face and cut the other into halves for the ears.
  2. Arrange the pieces on the plate. Spread with peanut butter and Marshmallow Fluff. With the butter knife, gently swirl a bit of red jam into the marshmallow to create a pink nose. Add two dollops of jam for eyes and pretzel sticks for whiskers.

So what are you planning for this weekend? Do you have any fun crafts, games or recipes you make this time of year? Please share with us in your comments & we will post them on our Facebook page.
 Happy Easter-
Mrs. Montgomery
Gonna Craft this Weekend like...

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