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So here's what been happening In My Neck of the Woods...
Last night my hubby took my Expedition into town. I realized it was my girls dance night & we had to be there in 15 mins?! Called hubby on the cell to see if he could make it back to the ranch in time - no way.
So I was faced with driving the girls in The Beast to dance. What's The Beast you ask.

It's hubby's 1978 Bronco. It drives like a boat & sounds like one too. It was the only vehicle left at the ranch yesterday evening. I called my friend for a ride, but she had all ready left for dance herself. Being a redneck  country girl like my hubby she told to hop in The Beast & if I got stuck to call her hubby.

I almost chickened out. I decided it would be a good learning lesson for me & the girls. Once we were on the road it was strangely frightening yet empowering all at the same time. My girls & I screamed at a few stop signs. We feared the beast would be the death of us. The fancy dash board with faux wood trim was not comforting. I learned one thing... I can't drive The Beast & talk on the cell phone. They didn't design power steering back in 1978 Broncos.
So there you have the latest fun over here at the ranch. Can't wait to hear what's going on  In Your Neck of the Woods

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