In Your Neck of the Woods: Vegas, Baby!

The Doc and I spent the latter part of last week celebrating his 40th birthday in Las Vegas.
One thing is for sure - Vegas is always exciting.

I have proof.
Last year, the Doc let me go without him.  I'm pretty sure that opportunity will never come again.  See? But the whole story is really over here.  The parts I was willing to tell, anyway.

Our first night, we went to listen to a band in the lounge and we noticed a lady next to us with a stroller and a bag.
Of course we were curious.

To be fair, the stroller was noticed after her dress.
See what I mean?
She and I became great friends.  I know all about her life now.  I'd tell you but the more interesting thing to talk about is this -- where are her nips?
Yeah.  This was something we could not figure out.

I thought we could dance them out.
I'm not kidding.  I really thought I could.
I didn't.
I dragged my friend Leslie out on the floor to see if she could help.
It didn't help.

But we did solve the stroller puzzle.
That picture at the top?  That's when she told me she brought her dog.
So we danced with the dog.
And we posed for picture after picture.
After picture.
After picture.
The band's lead singer even thinked me for bringing her out there to dance.  He also told the Doc his wife was pretty awesome to give him such a show.
Awesome is right.

One night in Vegas.
That's what's happening in my neck of the woods.

How about you?
Was your weekend as fun as mine?
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~*~ Mrs. Priss ~*~

Who spent the weekend partying like...

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