Instagram: My New Addiction

I admit it right now, publicly, I tend to struggle with addictions.... app addictions to be exact. I'm pretty sure I have a love affair going on with my iPhone. Don't worry, my husband is well aware. Even if he doesn't admit it, he certainly enjoys his as well. He has a love/hate relationship with Scrabble. At least once a week, he threatens to delete the app.

My favorite apps, until very recently, were Words with Friends, Scrabble and Bejeweled Blitz. I don't play Bejeweled Blitz as much anymore, but I'm still heavily involved with Words with Friends. I'm continually in games with Yogi, CaraBee and Mrs. Schmitty, Alyssa & Leslie. Thanks, guys, for always playing. (If you play and would like to start a game with me, my name is dawnsdiversions.)

But, it isn't Words with Friends that I want to share with you about today. Today, I want to tell you about the coolest photo app EVER! It's called Instagram. It was created for the iPhone, iPad and iTouch, but I think you can access it with Android now as well. You'll have to do some Googling to find that out.

On Instagram, you can take or upload your picture and then choose one of twelve filters to apply to your photo before publishing. The filters are easy, by a click of the button, and make your pictures fun.

Mrs. Sinclair is the person responsible for my IG addiction. Just when I got the hang of IG down, she posted a picture in a collage or one with words added to the actual picture. But, because she is cool and takes pity on those less talented, she is quick to help when asked.

I'm getting a bit ahead of myself. Let me give you my description of Instagram. It is its own social network. Imagine Twitter and Photography put into a blender and then poured into the most beautiful glass for all the world to see and comment on. Ahhhh.......

You can follow your friends from your contacts, friends from Facebook and from Twitter. You can even follow people you do not know, just like Twitter. What makes it better than Twitter, in my opinion, is you are not limited to 140 characters. You can reply back to people who comment on your pictures, just like Twitter, by using the @ symbol. You can also use the # hash tags, like Twitter. You can "like" your friends' pictures, just like on Facebook. I've become a little obsessed with creating unique pictures to get a lot of "likes" so I can someday be featured on the "Popular" page. (Did I just admit that out loud?!)

What's really cool, you can publish your picture (and caption) directly to Facebook, Twitter, Tumblr, your email and Four Square. It is A W E S O M E.

There are some uber talented photogs on IG. I'm learning so much. I'm also looking at EVERYTHING as a potential picture to be uploaded.

I've become addicted to several other photography-type apps to use for editing before ever uploading to IG. Here are a few, in no particular order, that I love to use with my pictures:

  • Filterstorm
  • iPicEd
  • Framed Lite
  • Label Box
  • ScribeItLite
  • PerfectPhoto
  • Label Maker
  • Diptic
  • Camera Bag
  • PS Express
I love photo-editing apps. Do you have a favorite that I didn't list? If so, please share. Remember, I'm addicted and it's okay to feed this kind of addiction. 

Okay, let me quit rambling and just show you some of the pictures I've posted on IG.

I took this picture to show the world my gray hair. The before picture is SOOC (Shot out of camera - iPhone, in my case) and the after is after having a filter applied to it in Instagram. 

Picture was not edited, only has a filter applied from Instagram.

Again, this picture was taken with my iPhone 4 and uploaded to IG where I added a filter. 

This picture was edited with one of my photo-editing apps and then I used Label Maker on it to add the text. I then uploaded the picture into Instagram and added a filter. 

I edited with a photo-editing app and saved it. I then uploaded to Labelbox and applied the cute text and then saved. Last, I uploaded it to IG and added a filter. Wa-la! 

While looking through my photos on my phone I came across a picture my teenage daughter took of herself. I uploaded it to IG and added a filter and this is how it turned out. I LOVE it. 

These are all pictures I took while in downtown Tulsa. I used my photo-editing apps and then saved them. I then used Diptic to place them in a collage and saved them. And, can you guess what I did next? YES! I uploaded it to IG. See? You're catching on already. 
This picture was taken with my iPhone 4. It is completely unedited. When I uploaded it to IG, I chose NOT to apply a filter to it. It just didn't need one.  

Are you ready to download Instagram if your phone has it? I hope to have several new followers as soon as you do. You can find me on IG under dawnsdiversions. You can also find the other housewives as well: nightowl918, jonnibaloney, ajsouthern, ShaRhonda, and Jennykate77. 

I guess by now, you realize this is not a MckLinky Monday post. The housewives met last week for a meeting. We have decided to suspend MckLinky Monday for the time being and host a new link-up. The new one is called In Your Neck of the Woods. We will be hosting it on Tuesdays instead of Mondays. 

What is In Your Neck of the Woods, you ask? It's whatever is going on in your corner of the world. It can be a random picture of something unique to your area, it can be something that happened in your area. That beautiful sunset you saw?  Post it.  The questionable outfit you saw at WalMart?  Post it -- but be sure to blur the face or something.  Show some respect for your fellow man.  Show us the interesting, funny, beautiful things you see around you, wherever you are in the world.

It will be nice & easy to join in because it is really up to your discretion what you chose. You won't have to wait to see what the topic is going to be. You have the freedom to share what you want and still link up with us. We can't wait to see what you are going to share.

And...........the new button (you can grab from the sidebar!)

Mrs. Albright,

Feeding my addictions like....

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