OMGSH: It's my turn to post!

Um, oooooops!  This one totally snuck up on me. Thank goodness my calendar reminds me who has a turn on the blog each night! When my name popped up, I knew I had to start typing fast!

Seeing how this has happened, I am not sure what words of wonderment I am going to be able to share with you. I am barely even awake!

I had thought of talking of instagram, but Dawn covered it. Darn it!

So, maybe I'll talk about some TV or movies. Or both?

My new TV addictions are What the Sell, American Pickers, and Swamp People. These followed closely by Hoarders, Police Women, Oddities and Strange Addictions. I'm sure I like those last few because they make me feel VERY normal. Do you have any shows you're hooked on right now?

The last movies I saw were Lincoln Lawyer and Paul. Lincoln Lawyer was so good. I highly recommend and not just for eye candy. Some interesting twists and turns in that one.  Paul is that silly alien movie. It was funny and better than I thought it would be. I needed to kill some time one day and went to it because it was the only choice. It seems it might be a kid movie, but it is NOT. Adult humor only! Have ya'll seen a good one lately?

And so, that's what I have been doing during this stint where I am suppose to be taking it easy. You see my health is costing me a lot of time, headaches (literally and figuratively), and money right now! I am so fed up with doctors and insurance. But, believe me,  that is another post entirely!

Happy Hump Day!
Mrs. Sinclair

who is sorry she was a slacker today!

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