The RHOK Reads : Pioneer Woman - Ch. 6-9


Soooooo, we've been reading the remainder of Part 1 of The Pioneer Woman's Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

What do you think so far?!

I'll tell you what my favorite thing is so far and then you can tell me what YOUR favorite thing is so far.


Ok, so my favorite thing about BHtTW is Ree's inner dialog.  I LOVE the way she talks to her head.  It cracks me up.  Her wit and humor just explode on the pages.  It just draws me in and I devour the chapters.

If you're anything like me, you were *swooning* again this week.  So much romance and new, young love and sweet.

One of my fav quotes from this week's chapters was in Chapter 7.  Ree and Marlboro Man had just had a hot steamy date in the back of a pick-up truck.  Ree told him that she wasn't moving to Chicago.  MM drove her back into her parents' home on the golf course and they kissed at the door...passionate kisses, as always. When Ree is going inside the house she thinks to herself..."if this wasn't love, I reflected, then love should just be discontinued entirely."  LOVE that.

MM tells her that he doesn't want her leaving.

Chicago is cancelled indefinitely.

Then Ree starts professing her love for the MM.  Telling everyone.  Including J.

I don't know about you, but J was starting to get on my nerves.

Glad that seems to be over.

I was cracking up in Chapter 8 when she was looking for something to wear to her 5am date with MM and the rents.  She was searching through her closet looking for a piece of clothing that didn't scream "CLUELESS CITY GIRL!"  "CLUELESS CITY GIRL!"  "CLUELESS CITY GIRL!"  LOL.  Thank goodness for her little sis, Betsy, leaving behind a few items that were less city-fied.

The she put her car in the ditch, with MM's mom in tow.  awesome.

"I was Lucille Ball.  Lucille Ball on steroids and speed and vodka."  Oh, Ree.  You crack me up!  She survives the day and feels like she belongs on the ranch.

Then her dad drops the bomb.  Ree is questioning love.  She had been "excommunicated from her exalted position in the Church of the Stable Home".

MM does what he does best...takes charge.  Ree loves that.  (me too.)  He makes her laugh. (girls really love that.) She realizes that as uncertain as she is about love and the lasting effects of it, she is incomplete without MM.

He would "prove to be her savior, her distraction, her escape in the midst of troubles..."

PW Tip of the week:  spoons in freezer for reduced red/puffy eyes.

So, what's your favorite part so far?  Fav quote? 

You can either tell us all about it in the comments or write up a post of your own!  Remember to snag our button, stop back by, and link up your post!

Let's up our game a little this week and read the entire Part 2!  

Happy reading, y'all!

-Mrs. Edwards

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