Wedding Ring Woes

Raise your left hand if you do? Do wear a wedding ring that is. I do. But the man who gave me his last name is shoving his left hand deep into his pocket. He actually has two reasons why his left ring finger is bare. I feed him well, and he would like to keep all appendages he was born with. His career in the automotive parts industry could be a little rough on a finger if the band was caught just right!

On Friday, April 1, the wedding ring topics hit the news when Prince William announced that he will not be wearing a wedding band after his marriage to Kate Middleton on April 29, 2011. What? How dare he. If Diana were still alive! Poor Kate, as I have said before, someone needs to sneak that girl a copy of Beth Moore's, Esther: Its Tough Being a Woman Living in Another Woman's Shadow! But now this? What a slap in the face. I mean really wear it a week at least.

Kate Middleton wore a Whistles blouse as a Reiss dress in two different version of her engagement photo.
"It's quite common for there to just be the one ring in society or royal weddings," said a Clarence House spokesperson. Oh. Okay. However, William, your own father wears a ring. But, then again, your grandfather, The Duke of Edinburgh did not. I have to admit Prince William, you and Kate are definitely making this wedding "yours"- I guess your mum would be proud of that.

I don't know housewives. I just don't know. I know the argument might be that its what is in the heart that counts, not what is on the hand.  But, I'm still an old fashioned girl with old fashioned thoughts. No wedding band = overweight, dangerous job, missing digit, lost ring, pawned, poor and in love, or cheating spouse. I guess being royalty now must be added to the list.

 I love being married and I love showing off that symbol of my marriage. Even more I love knowing that the circle represents our love for each other. It has no ending and is everlasting. 

Your turn to chime in. Do you wear a wedding ring? Your spouse? What do you think of the newest Royal Couple?

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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