Wordle- It's A Frameable Art

I love word clouds, subway art or whatever you call it these days. I just thought it was the cutest and most personalized gift ever when one of my very close friends made one for my daughter on her 4th birthday. It contained my daughter's name, her likes, her fave foods, nicknames everything there was to know about my little princess at age 4!  Of course I am the type that when I find something I like I figure out how to do it and do it myself. And boy is this fun! Look at a few of the examples I have made so far...

What do you think? Do you like? Won't they be uber cute in a frame. I can't wait to give the very last one to my niece for her birthday in May. Oh, and I think I may just frame and give away the other two at our next RHOK Out as door prizes. Which stay tuned, because in a few short days we will be announcing a RHOK Out that will knock your socks off!

Now you are probably wanting to know my secret on how to make these wonderful pieces of art. Right? Well, I hope so. It's Wordle Logo. You can either type in your own words, type in a blog URL, or a user name and the cloud will form for you.  You can change it around, change colors, and change fonts. A few words to the wise though. When you hit print, its not going to print in an 8x10 format so my advice is download CutePDFWriter. When you hit print, it will give you the option to use your own printer or the CutePDFWriter. Select CutePDFWriter and save the document to your computer as a PDF. Then go in and print it as an 8x10 from your documents.

Now you know how to create something fun, personal and easy! You are guaranteed to be a RHOK star with this craft idea. It's up to you if you tell them how you did it or not! Just like the disclosures say on the Wordle Logo website, "You may take a Wordle, put it on your book cover, your t-shirt, your campaign poster, what have you. You may get rich off it. Keep in mind that if you save a Wordle to the public Gallery, then you can't control how other people use it. If you want to give credit to Wordle, feel free! But it's not required." Aren't they nice people? Now, what are you going to go create? Send us pictures...

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