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One late night in September of 1984, I couldn't let myself fall asleep. No, if there was any chance I might smell smoke it was my responsibility to get my family to safety. Earlier that evening I had smelled the smoke first. I was in 5th grade when I lost my home and all my belongings in a fire. My family was safe. We lost everything except the clothes on our back, which amounted to a t-shirt and underwear, no time to grab shoes. Neighbors in the community reacted and brought us clothes, we went to school the next day, so Moma and Daddy could begin to pick up the pieces of our life. I fell asleep in class. Mrs. Bates and my classmates didn't wake me.

Several Sundays ago, a member of our church, got up to speak. He spoke about his company, but also how he wanted his job to be a ministry and reach out to other people. A bridge. Typically he works with insurance companies. But, he also wanted to reach out to people who needed help the most, people like you and me. People with homes, children, people who could be in an "IF" situation. His message "spoke" to me.

He introduced a software program called Home Organizer®  that retails for approximately $50 or is free through a M.I.L.K.®  distribution event. The software has three main goals:  Protect, Educate & Organize. Protect with Digital Identification using M.I.L.K®  (Managing Information on Lost Kids), Educate by giving advice from experts and Organize by becoming a virtual filing cabinet.  I actually immediately messaged fellow blogger Beth who goes to church with me who hadn't heard the sermon yet and said hey I think this is something our blog readers need to know about, let me know what you think after church. She agreed. She wrote about it the next day, you can read about it on the blog that she co-writes for called Testify. She has a story that I think a lot of parents can relate to as well.
Now I am telling you my story. A disaster story. I am led to because I can relate to all of the natural disasters that have occurred around our neck of the woods this week. The deadly tornadoes that have wreaked havoc in our own backyard, in our own state and upon our own turnpike. So many neighbors and families have lost everything. I watched my own Mother and Father have to replace our personal belongings, beg for pictures, estimate the contents of home for insurance purposes. I have even begged for pictures myself, wondering if my newborn children resembled myself as a newborn. Can you imagine? I already have information on my disk.

There are just so many uses for this software. Missing pets, parents or grandparents, schedules, reminders, choosing a babysitter, favorite recipes, my children's artwork. All the things that "IF" something were to happen I would definitely want to have a backup of. I really can't wait to use this software to its full potential. I even showed my mother in-law last night and she was very interested.


Imagery Concepts, LLC  is giving the first 100 readers to leave a comment on this post and send us their names and mailing addresses a copy of this Home Organizer ® software including the M.I.L.K.® Digital ID  for FREE. This giveaway is not limited to our Oklahoma readers but to all of our readers across the United States! Please phone, tweet, Facebook, email or just tell a friend!


♥Mrs. Hart♥
Feeling overwhelmingly blessed to offer this to our readers like

Special thanks to Tom Quinn of Imagery Concepts LLC, Tulsa, OK

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