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There is a new baby doll in town- well maybe not in Oklahoma yet. The doll, called Bebe Gloton, which translates as “gluttonous baby” makes sucking noises as it "feeds." The baby doll is actually very sweet looking. I became aware of the doll yesterday when I logged onto my Twitter account and saw the hashtag #breastfeedingbabydoll. Kathie Lee and Hoda introduced a breastfeeding baby doll on The Today's Show on Tuesday.  I immediately asked the question who it was designed for and what it latched on to.

Being a breastfeeding advocate I was a wee bit curious. I was immediately told that the doll  latches onto an apron that is put around a child's neck. Whew. Yay! So, of course I had to watch the segment where Kathie Lee demonstrates and then read a few more articles on the subject. And being the housewife that I am that really wants all of our readers to form their own opinions on a subject and not judge others for their opinions, would like for our readers to take a little survey after reading the articles I read and watching the video.

I will tell you, because I am the one writing and introducing this topic that this pretty little baby doll is not a must have addition into my daughter's doll collection. My daughter does just fine with what she has, even when she does decide to "nurse" like Mommy used to do when she was a baby.

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