In Your Neck of the Woods - Storms a Dancing

I'm loving our new link-up, In Your Neck of the Woods, aren't you? There are a couple of reasons I love it... it's quick, because we all know we don't have tons of extra time for blogging, and it's fun to see or hear about what's going on in your life. You can put as little or as much as you'd like in to it. We're easy like that. And, you're welcome.

It's hard to be posting about anything but our weather right now. Our hearts and prayers go out to those affected by Sunday's tornadoes. There are no words for such devastation. I can't peel my eyes away from watching the news coverage. By the sound of it, it looks like today has the potential for more dangerous tornadoes. Please take all necessary precautions.

Here, in my little town just north of Tulsa, we were able to see the storm clouds off to our east yesterday late afternoon. They were aMaZiNg!

And then, later in the evening, a storm moved through our area and I captured some pictures of the lightning.

Storms are definitely fascinating and not to be taken lightly. I found this quote and found it to be quite fitting. "God didn't promise days without pain, laughter without sorrow, sun without rain, but He did promise strength for the day, comfort for the tears, and light for the way." 

Now, because I can, I am going to show you pictures from a very important event that happened in my little corner of the woods. It's an event that moms with girls get giddy over..... Dance Recital! It's the pay off for all those weeks of sitting through those classes. And, because there really isn't anything much cuter than little girls in dance costumes. I think you might agree after you see these....

My daughter (on right) with her friend, Kensi

On stage....
My daughter and Mrs. Montgomery's daughter (they are definitely little versions of us!) 

We sure will enjoy the summer off from dance classes, but I'm already excited about that next recital in May 2012! 

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~Mrs. Albright,
Cleaning out my safe-room and preparing to hunker down like..... 

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