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I just can't believe it. Teachers Appreciation Week. The first week of May already, and for those of you rushing around still thinking of ideas of what to get those incredible, hardworking, snot nose wiping, shoe tying, sock finding teachers, I am going to show you what my nest is sending to the two AMAZING teachers that teach my kiddos! Now keep in mind these are the incredible people that deal with your beautiful and wonderful children that you labored so hard to get into this world only to send off to school for 6-10 hours a day to enrich their mind and nurse their boo boos. It doesn't take a lot to say thank you. In fact my grand total was less than $20, I bought for two teachers and still had supplies left over for my family- yes, we are on a very tight budget around my house these days. Some schools have idea lists, I of course got one of my lists after I had bought all of my supplies so I am trying to match as closely as possible.  Some of my ideas were taken from the blog eighteen25 and 24/7 Moms. The templates can be found at the eighteen25 blog.

Scented Hand Sanitizer- who doesn't need to fight germs and smell good at the same time?

Personalized  Post-It Notes decorated by the kiddos w/ Sharpies included.

A bottle of A&W Rootbeer for the AW-esome teacher!

A packet of Goldfish- who doesn't like a packet of Goldfish to snack on?

I had to show you both Wordles I made for their teachers, I included every students name and the teachers likes- yes it requires a little homework, but if you have a good PTA or are a bit sneaky you can get this information pretty easy! And of course I included chocolate to end the week!

Now this post is hitting on Tuesday morning- if any of you know my kids teachers or if the teachers themselves are reading this post, don't spoil the surprise for my kids. They are super excited to be giving these gifts each day, they helped glue, write, pick ribbon, colors, gather information and add all of their own special touches along the way! So, that's what is going on at my nest this week. What is going on In Your Neck of The Woods?

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