A Journey of a Thousand Miles, A Glance Back in Time

Fifteen years ago this month I took a walk. This was the second time I had taken such a walk in a four year span. Only this time the walk was entirely different. This time the journey I had completed was all of my own doing. Determination, self reliance, discipline, and hard work was getting ready to present itself into my hands. I had already finished the book work and had began my career a mere five months earlier, but it was time to walk across the stage in front of my family, friends and fellow classmates and celebrate my college achievement, my Bachelor of Science degree in Business Management from Southwestern Oklahoma State University.

What exactly did that beautiful blue diploma mean anyway? I thought it meant 100K per year, HA! I might have made that in amount in 3.5 years. All it meant was/is that I am trainable. Trainable. Highly trainable, I might add. Watch out.

Mrs. Hart- SWOSU, Milam Stadium May 1996
Isn't that just life though? A day by day walk. A journey using experiences, education and training to achieve goals and expectations- hopefully your own. My journey has been a great one in these fifteen years, a career in banking, a wonderful family, blogging, and now being able to work part-time as a teacher. I wouldn't trade my chosen path for anything.

For those that are graduating or have graduates of any degree this year I wish the very best and remember:
A Journey of a Thousand Miles begins with a Single Step-Confucius.

Congratulations Class of 2011

♥Mrs. Hart♥

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