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Priss and I were invited to a royal wedding watch party last week. I was pretty excited that I got invited. I had a dilemma though. I couldn't decide on if I should show up wearing a tiara and Bubba teeth (because we all know the English aren't known for their great teeth) or a fancy, silly hat.

I called Priss and we decided we would make silly hats. I hurried out to our local Hobby Lobby to see what decorations I might find to adorn my hat. I looked and looked and nothing really stood out until I came across a little twirly. You know the ones you blow on and they spin? I had caught a glimpse of part of the wedding that morning and saw this crazy, CrAzY hat.....

Did you see it?!? That's Princess Beatrice. I know people were up in arms over that silly hat, but I really thought it was great she chose that hat. I mean, really,.it gave people something to talk about. She stood out. So I knew I could do something really wacky too, you know, to stand out. 

I worked on my hat that afternoon and when it was finished I texted Priss this picture...

She texted back, "LOL! Wait till you see my hat!" We hadn't discussed how we were decorating our hats, so when I showed up at the door I cracked up to see Priss' hat also adorning a little twirly on top!! We are two peas in a pod!

We were the first ones to show up in hats. Of course, we got lots of laughs. Some of the women wore tiaras and later some other women came with hats. But, their hats were not silly hats! Yep, we stood out. Mission accomplished!

Our hostesses....

really knew how to throw a fun wedding party. There was wedding cake along with all kinds of finger foods. She had even heard that there was going to be a pomegranate punch served at the royal reception so she came up with her own version. Yummy! 

And, what would a wedding party be without someone getting cake smashed in their face? 

There were even magazines laying around for our reading pleasure. 

We had a great time watching the wedding with friends. It was fun seeing all the fancy hats and dresses. The wedding truly was beautiful. Did you all think the Queen fell asleep during the ceremony? It sure looked like she took a little doze to us. Did you watch the wedding? What did you think of it? 

~Mrs. Albright, Commoner

Misbehaving like......

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