The RHOK Reads - The Pioneer Woman - Week 4


So, week 4...Part 3 of Black Heels to Tractor Wheels.

Ree's life is anything but boring. 

I have to admit and come clean that I've been wrapped up in another book of sorts and it has me totally preoccupied.  I haven't even finished Part 3 (go ahead, shoot me now), but I know that Ree and MM get married...and that their honeymoon is, shall we say, eventful.

Seems as though something is always going wrong for Ree...she's a magnet for "magical moments".

What was your honeymoon like??  Eventful?  Blissful?  Disaster?  You ended up pregnant?  You did have one or you didn't have one?  Or your not married, but your ideal honeymoon looks like...Tell us about it.

Since, I'm a perpetual procrastinator...and easily distracted these days, thanks to my recreational reading, that didn't include The Pioneer Woman this week; we'll have to wrap up our Black Heels to Tractor Wheels next week., read to the end, if you haven't already and next week we'll wrap it up!

~Mrs. Edwards

who honeymooned in Jamaica at the young age of an all-inclusive Sandals resort (that didn't card you)that offered yummy banana creme drinks that you couldn't taste the rum in...mine was "eventful" and lovely.  Oh, and I lost the key to our safe in our room and we had to pay $100 to get our stuff out...but it was the morning of our departure, so they had to mail it to rings, watches, bracelets, diamond earrings.  It was nerve-racking!  I think I had my first holy-crap-i-might-be-pregnant a week after we got back.  I was SO naive.  I laugh at that girl often.  Tell me about yours.

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