Summer! Summer? Summer...

How do the housewives feel about summer break?

In honor of the school year ending around here (this week!), we have a Mrs. and Mrs. story for you.
You know, like Dick and Jane in housewives mode.

If you were thinking something dirty you should stop right now.
We aren't those kind of housewives.

See Mrs. Albright?
Is she hiding?
Is she sick?

See Mrs. Montgomery?
Mrs. M feels a little bit pouty.
Mrs. M gives summer a thumbs up anyway.

See Mrs. Hart?
Mrs. Hart is scared.

Mrs. Albright is still deciding.

See Mrs. Sinclair?
Mrs. Sinclair likes school.
Mrs. Sinclair likes summer.
Mrs. Sinclair is conflicted.

See Mrs. Priss?
Mrs. Priss is killing her alarm clock.
Mrs. Priss is going to stay in bed and watch TV every morning.
Mrs. Priss is ecstatic.

See Mrs. Edwards?
Mrs. Edwards was unavailable for comment.
Speechless, I guess.

Are you ready for the summer?

The one & only *Mrs. Robinson*

Sportin' a bikini this summer like...

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