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So, I've been sitting with this blank page in front of me for half an hour and nothing is coming to me.

My brain went on vacation today. Really, it did. My kids are now out of school and evidently my brain needs re-wired. (A moment of silence for my sanity____________Thank you.)

I can't really totally blame the writer's block on that though, because I'd probably have it anyway. It seems lately I have all kinds of great ideas I could write about. That is, until it comes time to write. Then, where are those ideas? Yah. I don't know either.

Therefore, I feel we should take his opportunity to use my unfortunate brain malfunction for good, and help each other out. I am sure we are all in this tough spot sometimes, right? Feel free to share in the comments today with how you handle writers block. Let's discuss.

Shall we?

Meanwhile, I will remind y'all to buy your tickets up there in the right hand corner for the iL Bacio Della Bella Notte...AKA the next RHOK out. It's June 25th at 7:30pm. So, grab your friends and come RHOK with us! Door prizes, fun, huge wine and beer selections, & a special drink. A limited number of tickets will be sold! $10 in advance and $15 at the door. Also, the Mommy needs a Cocktail shirt Mrs.Robinson featured Monday, along with all the others will be available for sale, and of course are always available HERE.  I've even heard we will be raffling a few of those kewl shirts off at the event!

Mrs. Sinclair
who will be awaiting your writer's block tips like

who starts her summer today by celebrating with no alarm clock!

(PS 1million brownie points if you know the translation of the event name!)

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