A Glimpse Into My Neck of The Woods Right Now!


It's HOT! 
91* in the shade folks! 
That is some OKLAHOMA HEAT for us all! 
(and across the nation)
Unfortunately, I haven't seen the cement pond yet this summer!

One thing I love about Summer is Vacation Bible School! The theme this year is Big Jungle Adventure! I am so glad I teach at a church preschool so that my children get the opportunity to attend VBS this year! 

And of course I'm FlipFlop making/fundraising again for my son's football team. Here is my latest pair. I sew each individual bead onto the FlipFlop by hand. I typically do team sports such as football and baseball with the players names for the mothers of the players, but every now and then I will get a special order such as this! I love making them, it just takes me a little longer this year than last since I am now working part-time. If anyone is interested in a pair, friend me on Facebook! 
(just send me a message telling me why you want to be my friend, link is on my personal blog, The 4-Crow's)

Hmmm, I think I might know of a door prize for our next RHOK Out on June 25th at il Bacio! 
Have you bought your ticket yet? How about purchasing an extra ticket and bringing a friend along- you can make her buy you a glass of wine!

That's what's going on at my nest, in my neck of the woods. What about you? What is going on in your neck of the woods?

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♥Mrs. Hart♥

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