It's Hip To Be Square

When we heard about The Cubed Project, we were intrigued.  We loved seeing the pictures of people in cubes!  Why is this fascinating?  I'm not sure.  But take a look and see if you get sucked in as well.

Being on top of all that's Tulsa, we missed the first hundred collection.  Never fear, some of the housewives wiggled their way into the next thousand instead.

The funny thing is, that you get inside the cube and think... now what?
And he just waits to see what you will do.

I'm sure there is some psychological profiling available based on the poses.

Does Mrs. Montgomery feel the walls closing in?
Or does Priss feel cornered?
 Mrs. Hart looks at ease.
Does she hang out in cubes often?
 And the always cheery Mrs. Albright flirts with the camera.

And now we ask, if you were in the cube - what would you do?

It's not too late to be a part of the project.  It's fun!
The cube is in Geoffrey Hick's studio in downtown Tulsa.  He is looking for a variety of ages and types to participate.  Just email him:

Mrs. Priss

A total square and...

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