It's Monday...Again?!

Hope everyone enjoyed their Father's Day! How were your cook outs, golf outings, daddy nap times yesterday? Now that we are done celebrating Dad let's get back to "us". LOL.
So my mommy friends, do you ever feel like you can not make through one more day? 
Do you ever lose "it" over spilt cheerios? Me too.
It's Monday on Summer Break  - enough said.
I'm thankful for my friends & how we help each other deal w/the daily mommy challenges we face. I pray you have good girlfriends to talk to about life. I'll confess that I'm not handling things very well lately. I let feelings build then explode vs. dealing w/issues as they arise. I "lose" it much more than I like. 
A friend of mine recommended this book. I really like the writing of style of  Julie Barnhill. You have to go check out She's Gonna Blow!  She keeps it real about mommy anger while keeping you laughing. 
I'm off to the book store, Happy Monday ; )

And speaking of good girl friends...hope to see you at our next RHOK Out! Check out the link on our sidebar. It will be a fun, summer outing to hang with the girls & take a little break from the "heat". You won't want to miss it. Lots of fun & giveaways!
Mrs. Montgomery
Going for Mommy of the Year like a ...

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