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All the RHOK Angels are busy, busy with end of school year events so you get me today! It's Mrs. Robinson writing from the Texas Riviera. Ya, I said Texas Riviera, it's my new favorite lil' getaway. No one cares if I drink boxed wine or wear a mu-mu.

I'm looking for some advice from the fantastic RHOK readers. I have a Stage 5 Clingon. You know a girlfriend who shows up everywhere I go, if we are at the same event she never leaves my side or if we are not in the same place, she is calling, texting, beeping my phone.

I realized early on I was in trouble when I had to speak in a whisper voice that I’m sure social workers use in dealing with fragile, mentally unbalanced people who suffer from multiple personality disorders or have the psychological profile of Casey Anthony. However, I just would drink another cocktail & the problem seemed to disappear.

Well, that came back and bit me in the butt. No boxed wine in Texas will fix this mess. She's making friends with my friends & telling them crazy stories. She's telling people all sorts of weirdness & the final straw was she started posting the craz-i-ness on Facebook. She has to be a member of the Stalkerazzis. 

So tell me, oh wise ones, how do I handle this unhealthy, toxic cocktail of a stalker  girlfriend? My RHOK angels tell me to cut the cord & run for the Caribbean. Sigh...I'm not the running type. I'm thinking of paying my private investigator to capture her on film doing something crazy. Then I'm going to post all of her craziness on Facebook and tag her. What? You don't think that's a good idea? I jest.

Looking forward to all your sage wisdom, share it so I can deal with this and head to de-tox!

Mrs. Robinson
De-toxin' from crazies like...

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