Locate Your Nearest Twihard

After last week's post, with the Breaking Dawn PART 1 Trailer (click HERE, if you didn't see it), it came to my attention that not everyone knows as much about The Saga as I do.


I know shock and awe, right?...shock...and...awe.

So, I thought it would be fun to address any questions you might be having pertaining to The Twilight Saga...the final two movies, the books, the cast, etc.

I'm the local Twihard and I'm at your service.

Anything you've been wondering...or anything worrying your pretty little head?? Just ask and I'll answer them in the comments.  If there are some interesting questions, I'll compile a list and post them with links next week on my scheduled blogging day here at The RHOK.

Remember, the only stupid question is the one you never ask.

Believe me people, if you're thinking it...I've already thought it.  My brain lives in Twitardia.

~Mrs. Edwards

...your nearest Twihard

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