Does that title sound narcissistic? Well, it's not really. Sort of. It just means we are MeMe-ing it today because, well, whenever I am asked to post I can do whatever I want.

Mrs. Sinclair is like super busy this week, getting ready to take her super cute girl to the State pageant. She's freaking out and covered in glitter and sparkles, making list after list after list. She's also hoping she can walk by then, because if you have been following, that poor woman has more ailments than a 99 year old hypochondriac, bless her heart. She also can only work in 30min increments because shes had bronchitis and asthma induced issues for 16 days straight and could seriously pass out at any moment. Therefore, I have taken pity on the poor lady.

And so, we are doing a summertime MeMe. It'll be fun. And you can even link up OR MeMe it in the comments.

4 Things You Like About Summer
1. Shaved Ice, piƱa colada, and lots of it. I may or may not spike mine.

2. Ice cream, preferably something chocolate

3. More hours of daylight

4. Swimming!

4 of Your Favorite Vacation Destinations
1. Bahama's

2. Italy

3. Cayman's

4. Australia (Hey, I dream BIG)

4 of Your Favorite Summer Foods
1. Most anything from the grill

2. I think I covered this up top: Shaved Ice &/or Ice Cream!

3. Fresh corn on the cob

4. Fresh local fruits from Conrad's!

4 Concerts Not to Miss
1. Def Leppard

2. Keith Urban

3. Katy Perry

4. Taylor Swift

4 Things to Avoid in the Summer

2. Illness

3. Lack of funds!


Please, play along! Either put the link to your post in the comments, OR just put in your answers. Love to hear from you all!

The one and only, 
Mrs. Robinson

drinking her spiked shaved ice in the AC

PS People! Buy your tickets for the iL Bacio girls night out! They are only ten bucks and we only have so many! We will also have some NEW tees there to buy.  Click HERE to find out how fun and cool iL Bacio is (Hint: South Tulsa’s newest upscale (non-smoking) bar is now open. Over 190 wines, 20 beers on tap, over 80 different bottle beers and a full service liquor bar. Come see our 24 bottle Enomatic wine preservation system serving highly sought after wines by the ounce, half glass and full glass. Plus many other wines offered by the glass) and well, who doesn't want a fun ladies' night out acting like a RHOK STAR!

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