There's An App for That?

Seeing as I am usually the resident "technical" housewife, I was thinking a geeky gadgetry post was over due from me. After all, I do not like to disappoint.

So I thought I'd see if we could take a look in a day in the life of-like kind of way. I just updated to an iPhone 4 so, I am a little giddy. Also, my son changed the pass code on our iTouch and then forgot it. Has this ever happened to you? Well, you have to call in to apple and then do a complete restore back to nothing. So, I had a lot of restoring to do, which is what got me thinking about all this app business. Are we on the same page now? OK, good.

First, you have to wake up. Now, surely you know there is an alarm on your iPhone. Did you know there is a Sleep Cycle alarm clock app? It tracks your sleep cycle and then wakes you up at the optimum time based on your body's sleep cycle. Totally not kidding. It's 99cents.

Next, you may want breakfast. Well, for free you can get the Breakfast Maker app. You can cook all the things you want! How cool is that?  Well, really cool. Also, you will lose weight unless iPhone 4 materializes things from thin air. Or you can think about breakfast while playing for fake money on Breakfast Slots. That's free too, because, well, IT'S FAKE MONEY.

By now you might need to shower. Ever have an extreme desire to know what type of Shower Personality you are? Never fear. There's an app for that. Guess what? It's free. BONUS. Or, if you seem to forget when you bathe, there's an app for that too. It's the Time to Take a Shower app!

Time to get dressed! If you don't have good judgement and possibly no mirror in your home, get the Go Try It On app. OR, just get it for kicks if you like to tell people they have no taste. Personally, that is my favorite use.

Ready for a snack? Try The Snack App. This is actually a kind of useful app if you are counting calories or carbs. It's free, so that makes it all the more better.

Need a bathroom break? Bored? Get the iPoo-Bored while you poo app. Oh, yes. There is.  And, if you happen to have trouble peeing in a public place, there's an app for that too. Get Help Me Pee! Also, for more bathroom fun, there is iPee Urinal Games. Yes, 12 year olds have taken over making iPhone apps.

Lunchtime? Why not use the 20 Minute Deeply Relaxing Sleep With Hypnosis-Ideal Refreshment for Lunch app. Yes, that is the title. You can check. Or, maybe you don't know where to eat. Use the Lunch Roulette app, which also is actually kind of useful!

Do you need to buy a new washer and dryer after lunch? Get the Save Benji's app. This is a very useful app. Simply scan the bar code of any item where you are and it will tell you the competitor's prices all around you.

Next up, a little afternoon time wasting. How about a game of Fruit Ninja, or The Heist. This may make you tired. You could revisit the 20 minute hypno app, or maybe start a round of yawning with the Addictive Yawn Starter app. Or, maybe utilize the Brainwave Power Nap app.

Traffic on your way home a concern? Just use the Traffic Light Changer app. Or, use an app that is not for entertainment only and get It says it will help you for real, not just as a joke to impress your friends with fake ninja light changing skills.

Need a workout? Get the Work-Out app. OR you can just LOOK more buff  & tough by getting the 'stachetastic ULTIMATE app. I'll let you check that one out on your own.

Dinner anyone? Use What's for Dinner. Or possibly WTFSIMFD.

OK, now I am just getting tired. I am sure you are too. Use the Sleep Machine app to send you to lullaby land. If that is not your cup of tea use the Sleep Pillow Ambiance app instead. Or read all about tea using the Tea* app, and be bored to sleep.

Using Talking Tomcat 2 to say goodbye,
Mrs. Sinclair

who spends WAY too much time in the APP store

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