What Are You Reading This Summer?

Last August we welcomed my friend Michelle as The RHOK's first guest post writer. If you don't remember this post, Too Far South, then you absolutely must read it again or go read it for the first time! You will be ROTFPYP! (that's "peeing your pants", for those of us who have those issues) Before I go any further with this post, I am going to reintroduce Michelle.

Michelle Stinson Ross, an authentic Real Housewife of Oklahoma, but now a transplanted, homeschooling Real Housewife of Palm Beach.  She was born in Montana, but don't hold that against her.  Her parents are third generation Okies, & brought her back to Oklahoma to raise her as fast as they could.  She grew up in Lone Grove, OK and actually went to school for a few years with The RHOK's own Mrs. Hart.  She and her husband, who is from Healdton, OK (gasp), have three divas-in-training.  They moved to South Florida in December of 2002.  Michelle's hobbies include the occasional interior re-do, blogging, an uncontrollable Twitter addiction, and writing her first novel.  She's always been a bit of a drama queen, so no doubt the first book will not be her last.

And now, with extreme happiness for my friend, I bring to you her first book, a pirate novella,  Revenge of the Siren Song, published on November 20, 2010.

Here is a brief excerpt to draw you in: 

"She closed her eyes and drew another deep breath. She did not move or speak to stop him. He trailed his fingertips lightly up her hand, across her wrist, and all the way up her arm. She did not move, but sat there very still, eyes closed, taking in every slight sensation. He stood up and walked around the back of her dining chair, making certain not to break the physical contact he had established. Drawing his fingertips up her shoulder and onto her neck, he began to stroke and massage the tight little muscles he found there. Her warm sweet scent lingered around her like the heat of a candle flame. One deep breath of her stirred his desire for more than just a chaste gentle touch. With both hands resting on her shoulders, he bent down to her and kissed the base of her neck. A soft sigh escaped her. He trailed kisses and nibbles up the column of her neck into her hairline and then back down the to the other shoulder. As a measure of tension left her body, her head lolled forward and to one side. She was becoming warm clay to be molded in his hands."

Now, just so you know I am a very diverse reader, my current read is Karen Kingsbury's Divine and my next read will be Mary Higgins Clark's, I'll Walk Alone. I think I RHOK the Housewife reading material quite well! Enough of me pleading my reading pleasures to you, m'kay.

In the above excerpt, the "she" is Grace and the "he" is Liam. Both Pirate ship captains. But for once the pirate woman is large and in charge! They must join forces in order to continue their piracy upon the Caribbean, and pirates just don't do that! Definitely a Summer must read! I didn't put it down one time during my road trip home from my parents. I have already asked begged Michelle for a sequel. If you like unexpected twists and turns in a romance, and interested in pirate adventure, you will not put this book down. This is how I imagine the story of Elizabeth Swann in Pirates of the Caribbean had she become the lone captain of her own ship! 

You  can purchase your copy of Revenge of the Siren Song at Amazon, Smashwords or Lulu. The electronic copies are only $2.99 and the paperback copies are as low as $12.99.

Make sure you give some congratulatory love to "authentic" RHOK Michelle at one of the following places and if you do get a chance this Summer to read Revenge of the Siren Song, leave a review! 

What are you reading this summer?

♥Mrs. Hart♥
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