Baby it's HOT Outside! So I Make a Snow Family of Gourds!

When I'm HOT, I dream about cooler weather. I dream of eating sno-cones or eating lime ices. A lime ice must be a southern Okie thing from my hometown drugstore, it involves squeezing limes over the likes of Sonic ice and then adding about 1/4 cup of  salt and eating it with a spoon. Too bad Randall retired and Wilson doesn't have a licensed druggist anymore!
I also start thinking about Winter. July is when I usually get my craft on for Christmas ideas. Could be because An Affair of the Heart in Tulsa is this month.

Wonder how many SnowGourd Families will be present next weekend? Probably none like mine?

Meet The 4-SnowGo Family. What do you think?

Did you think I was going to show you this cute family and not tell you how to make them?

1. Collect bottle neck gourds. I got mine at the pumpkin patch. Let them dry out. To be honest mine have been in the garage for two years. You can look around on ebay, at some craft stores, produce markets and they may already have some dried out for you. They do dry out fairly quickly. I believe the Farmers Almanac!
2. Wash your gourds well to rid of dirt.
3. Take a light sandpaper to rid of any rough edges.
4. Cut off any stems that might still be on the gourds.
5. Spray paint with a matte white. Follow the temperature requirements on the can!

6. Use acrylic paints to paint on buttons, hats, decorations.
7. Use paint pens or sharpies to decorate face.
8. Spruce your it up w/ ribbons, felt, bows or whatever else you want to make it your own special artwork!
9. You might want to use a clear coat of glitter spray once done to make them shine.
10. If your snowgourd doesn't stand by itself well, use a small grapevine wreath to help it. Don't forget to date and initial your creation. This will be a creation to cherish for years to come!

If you are out there chillin' around and doing some craftin' you best be sharing your creations!
Leave us a link in your comment. We want to see!

♥Mrs. Hart♥
Trying to stay cool by being crafty like...

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