My youngest son seems to have a scare factor a little more sensitive than most.
He won't even watch Beauty & the Beast or Tangled because there is a scene with a dagger in it.

None of that ever bothered me when I was younger, especially in a cartoon.
I do, however, clearly remember the day I decided that I was through with scary movies.

It was my big idea to go see The Ring at the movie theater with the Doc.
Yeah, I actually picked that movie.  At the time, I thought it was fun to be scared.  I don't know why I thought it was fun since images of previous movies still burned in my brain.  And dare I mention... I've always been scared of the dark.

Regardless, I just had to go see The Ring.

That movie scared the shiznit out of me.
Doc didn't like it either.
And when we got home, I realized that one of us had to drive the babysitter home.


After much debate, we agreed that the Doc would drive her home.  And you know what he did on the way home that about made me pee my pants?  He CALLED!  He called my house when it was dead silent!!  The whole stinkin' movie has to do with the scary phone call, if you didn't know.

My heart stopped when that phone rang.
For real.

In his defense, the Doc was trying to help.  I was pacing the floor waiting for him to get home and nothing was calming me down. He thought he should call and let me know he was on his way back home.

We went to bed that night with me snuggled up a little closer to the Doc than usual.  In the middle of the night, Jacob cried and one of us was going to have to get up and head to his room.  This shouldn't be a big deal since - at that time - Jacob's room actually connected to ours.

When I heard Jacob cry, I told the Doc, "I'm sorry.  I just can't go."
Doc got out of bed and started walking.
I think about three paces out he found me glued to his back.

Yeah.  I'm cool like that.

He says, "What are you doing?"
And I confess, "I got scared."
And that was the last time I watched a scary movie.

Are you a fan of scary movies?
Which one is your favorite?

~ Mrs. Priss

Stickin' with Disney cartoons like...

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