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So all our RHOKn' social media peeps are you on Google+ yet?

We are waiting in line for our turn to add our profile. All the RHOK girls are on now so add us to your circles.
What do you think about all the hype around the new social networking site?
Will it surpass Facebook?
Will it dominate the social media world?
For me, the jury's still out. I do see a way to redeem some mistakes with Facebook. I like the "circles" & that it is tied to my Google account/Blog.
I also like the "plus 1" feature. You can use it anywhere on the internet & it will tie back to your profile to read or share at a later time. Reminds me of Pinterest which I heart very much.
The other thing I really like is that commands are just like Blogger & Gmail because it's Google, duh. So you can  do cool things  awesome stuff like strike through text.

Your Google Profile is now the hub of you Plus experience, the backbone that everything else is built upon. There are six tabs in your profile page - posts, about, photos, videos, +1s and Buzz. So be sure you have it set up as you want the world to view you.
Here is a good article on 10 Things You Want to Know About Google+
If you are Google+ be sure post your name so we can add ya to our circles! 

Hope you are enjoying everything social media this summer! What's your favorite social networking "thing"; blogging, facebooking, tweeting or google+ing?
Mrs. Montgomery
Google+ing Like A...

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