In My Neck of the Woods- Our Loss

 The Hart household experienced a loss this past Thursday night. I never expected the Hart children to take a loss such as this so hard. Just look at these faces and their body language. 
  Yes, it was a fish funeral and my children believe that all drains lead to the ocean- like in Nemo. ;-p
Our fish Hush was my son's second fish and my daughter's first. He was named after PBS Sprout's goldfish on the Goodnight Show. He had been a member of our family for three years. That has to be a record, right?
 Here is a picture of Hush- so glad I take pictures of EVERYTHING!
We hope you have a good time in the ocean, wish we were there with you- only by a totally different route!
And of course in order to cheer the Hart kids up, we did NOT get them a puppy but...


That's what is going on in my neck of the woods this week, what about yours?

P.S. Hope you are planning on joining us today at Blue Hole in Salina!
Details here!


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♥Mrs. Hart♥

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