In Your Neck Of The Woods



I'm sitting here with tissues stuck up my nose so it doesn't drip on the keyboard.

I think I'm paying for all the fun I had this weekend.

Mrs. Hart told you guys yesterday that 5 of us housewives partied like it was 1989 at the NKOTBSB concert on Sunday night.

There were a couple of housewives who didn't know NKOTB from BSB...but I won't mention any names...*achem*mrsalbright*achem*mrspriss*achem*

Joey sang to me.
I proposed.

I also had a GNO on Friday night and hung out with Impulsive Addict on Saturday night.  I don't think I'm conditioned for that kind of nightlife. (<----this does NOT mean I'm old, so shut up...I know what you were thinking.)

I'm going to replace my tissues in my nose and drug up before bed.

Who gave the OK for head colds in the dead of summer?  They should be fired.

What have you been up to?

Tell us what's up in YOUR neck of the woods!

You know the drill...grab the button, write your post, and come back by to link up!

~Mrs. Edwards

...who partied like one and is paying for it...AAAAaaaaachhhooooo.

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