Is It Friday Yet?!

My Father & Sister in Law have been staying at the ranch for 18 days now.

I'm not sure I'm still sane. If the heat hasn't warped my brain, my in laws staying for over 25 days surely will.
I could tell you some scary stories, but I don't want to give you nightmares.
They like the ranch. They come & livewith us stay every year.
They are Yankees so they can't take the heat. You know what that means?
Yep - they are inside ALL day. Squatting Hanging out in my living room. Deep sigh...
I am looking for ideas to get them to go home. It's time.

I'm Not Above a lil' Brandin'

Southern etiquette says you never stay at a person's home longer than 3 nights unless you are there to care for the ill.
I guess you could say I'm ill... mentally ill. However no one is caring for me.
I guess you could say they aren't Southern. However you don't have to be Southern to know now this rule.
Did I mention their idea of cleaning up after themselves is me.

Please share what you think I should do in this situation?
I hear they may be leaving on Tuesday - just in time for the Blue Hole RHOK trip. SSSHHH!!!
Don't tell them, they will want to go & stay longer?!?
Mrs. Montgomery
Losing my Mind like a ...

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