RHOK'n Blue Hole Babes

Tuesday we housewives, minus Mrs. Edwards (dagnabbit), along with lots of friends, spent the day at my very favorite swimming hole in all the world. Okay, I haven't traveled all the world, but it's my very favorite swimming hole in Oklahoma - Blue Hole. And, for all your newbie Blue Holers, it isn't THE Blue Hole, it's just Blue Hole. Mkay? Here's the sign just in case you need proof.

Yes, we've talked a lot about Blue Hole on here, but it's only because it is the coolest (literally) swimming hole! I think I've talked about it so much over the past few years on my personal blog, Facebook and here that this is the reason it is now crowded all the time and they raised the price from $5 a car load to $10 a car load. What? You don't think I have that kind of influence?! Humor me, will ya?!

Anyway, we had a terrific day. The kids caught lots of little minnows and crawdads. The moms hung on to noodles in the water and chatted the day away. There were even a few of us who ventured further on down the creek to let our bigger kids jump off a small cliff into the water. It looked like it was so much fun that even I decided to jump. Oh, yes, I did. Priss even took a picture to prove it. Unfortunately it is on her disposable camera that has to actually be developed. I'm sure she will be posting it somewhere if it turned out. She finds great joy in taking (and, posting) the most random, goofy pictures of yours truly.

Just take a look for yourself at all the fun we had .....

Little Miss Albright & Little Miss Hart 

Little Miss Albright & Little Miss Montgomery 

Another of Mrs. Montgomery's kiddos

The kids all got along great 

Seriously, the kids spend the entire day with nets and buckets in hand. 

You see where the water is the bluest? That's the deepest, coldest part of Blue Hole. 


Almost all of the kids in our group. We had quite a crew! 

Mrs. Montgomery and me with some of our friends

The RHOK, minus Mrs. Edwards 
Priss looks like she is 6 ft. tall, especially compared to Mrs. Montgomery, but it's mainly cause she was being a little wimpy about getting further into the cold water. 

My girls & me 

Mrs. Montgomery with her kiddos 

Mrs. Hart's kids - so sweet

There's still plenty of summer left to visit Blue Hole if you haven't been yet. I promise you, it's the most fun you can have with your kids for $10. 

~Mrs. Albright
Sharing my favorite watering hole like....

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