Say Whut?

Hey YGLT! Are in one of my circles? We can huddle up anytime. Just don't forget to +1 my posts. If you are not in my stream, but have accepted my request that we be friends publicly (or vice versa), you could poke me instead just for fun. Just don't post all over my wall okay? That's like graffiti, and I'd have to report you.

When I am not in your top news, you might find me all a flutter and tweeting my latest news. I've got Klout so I use it. But you know tweet speak has picked up so much in the last few months though, most of us all stars turned over to the less crowded  (well at the moment) IG. Did you know you can also TG? Well, you can.

Stumble, not tumblr, on four square around and get glue. Can't you digg it? YNK!

Oh, how very pinteresting. Posterous even, YKWIM? ROTFLMBOPMP.

Mrs. Sinclair,
playin' WWF like

hotter than APIAPS

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