Whatcha Reading?

I was browsing through my old posts on my personal blog looking for ANY kind of inspiration for what to post here at the RHOK today.

What?! I'm lazy and uninspired right now.  So, sue me!

Anyhoo, something that caught my eye was that the last two summers I've been on a book release countdown.  Summer of 2009 I was waiting on Catching Fire (2nd book of the Hunger Games Trilogy) and the Summer of 2010 I was waiting on The Mockingjay (3rd book of the Hunger Games Trilogy).

It made me a little sad.  I wish I had a book I was anxiously anticipating right now.  <---I'm such a nerd like that.

However, I thought back to a convo some of us housewives were having on Facebook not too long ago and remembered that there were several people who had STILL NOT read The Hunger Games Trilogy.

So, my question for you is...Have YOU read The Hunger Games Trilogy??

If not, WHAT ARE YOU WAITING FOR?! <---yeah, I went there...used all caps on you.

Let me tell you, I fell in love with this trilogy back in 2008. I had finished the Twilight Saga and I was desperately searching for something to fill the void. Steph Meyer mentioned on her website that she had just read The Hunger Games...and it was one of those books that you "take to dinner and read under the table."That was enough for me to run out and buy it that day. 

I read the first book in two nights...and I had to wait almost a WHOLE year for Catching Fire, which I turned around and read in ONE DAY.  Then, I waited another year for Mockingjay and devoured it in 2 days.

Also, if you have read and loved The Hunger Games, you should give James Dashner's Trilogy a try.  The first book is titled The Maze Runner and the second book is titled The Scorch Trials.  The third and final book is titled The Death Cure and will be out in October.  I really loved these books!  I know they don't sound very girly or romantic, but there is a love story intertwined into the plot.  You know I have to have a little romance!  If you liked the dystopian society of The Hunger Games, you'll love The Maze Runner.  It has a lot of the same characteristics as HG...survival, standing up for what is right, being a rebel.  I highly recommend.

The Hunger Games movie will be out in March 2012!!  *squeeee* <---already fangirling

I think I see some more (non-Twilight) premiere parties in my future!

What books are you reading this summer?
~Mrs. Edwards

...and total nerd.

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