In Your Neck of The Woods: HOT

It's Tuesday, so you know what that means! It's time to show us your neck of the woods. Surely y'all know how to play by get to it. I know you're just setting in the A/C anyway.

So here, like everywhere in a 500 miles radius or more, it's hot. And I don't mean hot, I mean HOT, as in we could be close to hell and melt AT ANY MINUTE. It has to be serious for me to use all CAPS people. SERIOUS.

So here, there has been a lot of hope for these:

There's a lot of new hairstyles, hoping for coolness- both literal and otherwise:

And mostly just this:

Being oh so glad to see this each evening for just a bit of relief:

Stay cool RHOKer chicks!

Mrs. Sinclair

who is seeking HEFTY donations for her A/C bill

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