It's Official - TV Has Run Out of Ideas.

I'm tired of talking about the heat.  I spend most every minute of every day trying to figure out a way to stay home with the air conditioning.  Since I've already cleaned out several closets, I'm now watching more TV than ever.  I've watched all of the good shows, re-watched all of the good movies on HBO, moved on to the mediocre shows that I could stand and now that leaves me with total crap on the tube.
When you watch the crap I've been watching, you get to see ads for some FABulous new shows.

Based on the advertising I'm seeing, I think they have run out of ideas for new television shows.

First, I was stunned to see this:
Hillbilly Handfishin' on Animal Planet
Noodling is a Yeti sport, you know.  Apparently.
Do you see the hair all over that dude?
With the cash he earns from his new stardom, I hope he considers laser hair removal.  They might require it before his stint on Dancing With The Stars.

If you just can't get enough, you can watch the promo here.

The best part about this show is that it spotlights the great state of OKLAHOMA and our finest.  And by finest, I mean two expert noodlers who act as guides to city slickers who think they should noodle to find the meaning of life - or at least a little excitement in their life.
The fact that a "city slicker" would need to scare themselves silly by reaching under rocks in the muddy water to grab giant catfish is just dumb and gross.  If they would just spend an afternoon with noodlers it will give them all the excitement they need.

You're not a noodler, by any chance - are you?

It's not like we don't have noodling shows spotlighting fabulous Okies already.
Or do we...?
Like maybe here or here...

Thank goodness for the second show I'm spotlighting today.
It is not an Oklahoma exclusive.
Whisker Wars
I don't have a problem with facial hair.
What I don't understand is creating art with your facial hair and competing with it.

When the ladies start competing, I'm gonna watch this show.
In fact, I think the RHOK will have their own beard war.  How much would you pay to watch this?
Priss, Hart & Albright
"RHOK Whisker Wars"
This is soooooo gonna happen.

Maybe the problem is that I just hate reality TV.  The Doc and I just happen to be the only two people on this planet who don't want to watch real people on TV with their scripted real-life stories.  We like the fake, unbelievable stories better.  Our two favorite new shows are Franklin & Bash and Alphas.  Have you seen them?

Just for fun, I'm going to share the movie trailer I saw tonight. It's going to give me nightmares, how about you?

Nothing left to watch at home and the kiddos are b-o-r-e-d.
This is how I ended up having to see The Smurfs yesterday at the movies.

Please tell me there are better things coming.

~ Mrs. Priss like...

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