It's Tuesday...You know what that means?? Yip! Neck of the Woods Day!

Around my neck, it's football, football, football. I am so lucky this year that Gavin LOVES his team and Joe LOVES to go to practice. We started scrimmages though, and this last week ours was in Fort Gibson on Friday night. That's like the jackpot. You know why? Your Saturday is FREE!

But back to football. You see since a bunch of men run uniform selection, everyone and their dog has about 12 extra jerseys laying about. There isn't a thing wrong with them either. And since women are never going to get their "can't we just wear the same one as last year" way, I attempted to make something useful.

I give you Uniform Bag:

Football little sister more than happy to carry:

(I also made her cute shirt! My very first applique project ever!)

Oh and also, I went to the 2nd part of my sleep study so I could try this thing that will help me sleep all wonderful and I'll be like rainbows and glitter in the morning.


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