On Your First Day of 5th Grade...

Dear Baby Boy Son,

Today you leave for your first day of school without me seeing you off. Only what you don't know is I am always with you even though I don't get to physically see you step onto that school bus. I am really glad Grandma is there to watch you and take a picture for me. Your first day of your last year in Elementary School. The last year I get a chance to be homeroom mom. Oh how I secretly pray no one else volunteers- even though it means one more thing I add to my plate of things to volunteer for. My little boy is growing up.

Don't you know how very proud I am of you and all you have accomplished in these short and very fast moving 10 years. The distance between you and me is already beginning. I detest body odor, bad breath and hormones. You couldn't even take your eyes off of that leggy cheerleader in your class at meet the teacher the other day. BTW, I NEVER thought I would see ANY girl taller than you. You got some growing to do if you want to snag that one son, but then again no other boy your age has a chance either. At this point you are the only one who can look her into the eyes. I wonder, is it too late to consider homeschooling?

I wrote a story about your first day of kindergarten. It's in the scrapbook. That was before I began documenting and sharing everything you do through the social networking that you, I love so much. Just wait son. I am only doing it to stay ahead of your future game. Anyway, I took that story out and re-read it. I laughed, I cried. Where did that time go? Such innocence.

I see too how much I have grown with you in these past five years. I look forward to growing with you more in the upcoming seven years that I still have you under my roof. During this time you will make your decisions on where and what to do with your life. Your life as a young man, adult, future husband, and future father. No I am not sad to see grow up or sad because you are no longer my baby boy-which I really will try to refrain from calling your this year from the football stands. I really am excited that you are growing up. I just want us to make the most out of every passing moment we have together and live every moment like the next one might not exist.

I love you my son, with all my heart, to infinity and beyond,

Wishing all the Housewives/Mom's out there a wonderful 2011-2012 school year and if you are a little bittersweet about your child growing up a little fast, I hope you can relate to the letter above. Sometimes it just helps to write it down.

♥Mrs. Hart♥
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