Tales of Flashers, Streakers and Puppies

My nieces were in town this weekend.  It is so refreshing to have a little girl time!  With the Doc out of town, I finally had my boys outnumbered.
Good, you think?
Apparently, it doesn't matter.
After swimming in the pool, my 12 year old walks swiftly from the laundry room nekkid then proceeds to loudly announce it while he is on the way to his room covering only a minimal amount in the front.
My oldest niece is thirteen, so this cannot happen.

Was he oblivious?  No.  He knew exactly what he was doing.
Is he modest? He locks the door when he showers.
What was he thinking?  I have no idea.

When he was little, he used to run around the house after a shower and shout, "The Flasher!" while opening up his towel.  He was four, so that was funny.

But after reliving this horrible twelve-year-old's streaking moment over and over in my head, I started recalling my college days.
Don't get too excited.  I wasn't running around nekkid.

One night I was watching TV at a fraternity house with a roomful of people, when a guy walked in nekkid.  He was covered in an exaggerated lathering of soap and had walked directly out of the shower to take a tour and greet visitors.  What a thrill when he decided to chat with me.  You can only imagine my three shades of red-faced anguish while I tried to pretend this was just another nekkid person roaming in the hallway.
Was this guy intoxicated?  It's quite possible he was sober.
He was just a very silly guy who loved walking around the house nekkid.
I was lucky enough to witness it a second time at a later date, sans soap.

And now I worry... is this my son in about eight years?
I seriously hope not.

Even worse - what if instead he is the guy (in the same fraternity house, no less) who coerces you to his loft one night promising there are puppies up there.  I love puppies.
Not that I would ever have been naive enough to fall for that one.
Not me.
Note to self: Who would keep puppies in a loft anyway?

Enter my house at your own risk.
You've been warned.

~ Mrs. Priss

Covering my eyes like...

p.s.  You would have looked too, right?

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