Frugally Reading: A PSA for the Tulsa City-County Library & Libraries Across the Country

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Frugal Reading

Okay- I admit it. I'm a frugal nerd. I just found out Monday morning that the Tulsa City-County Library lets me now check out books on my Kindle FREE for 14 days!!! WooHoo!! What? You mean you already knew this and didn't tell me? Or, maybe you didn't and I am telling you for the first time. I'm so excited I just can't hide it! Really. Now before I break into full song and dance, because believe me this girl cannot dance a jig if her life depended on it, let me tell you all about it. Evidently as of September 21, 2011 public libraries and schools in the U.S. can now lend eBooks for the Amazon® Kindle. OverDrive announced that it has begun adding Kindle compatibility to over 11,000 U.S. public and school libraries.

First off you need the following things:
  • A valid library card
  • Internet access
  • A computer or device that meets the system requirements for the type(s) of materials you wish to download
  • Free software for the computer or device on which you wish to use the materials available at Tulsa City-County Library
The Kindle downloading is easy. You just find the book you want, see if it is available as a Kindle version, see if its available for checkout, add it to your cart, and it automatically links to your Amazon account from your PC and uploads to your Kindle after you hit the button get library book. Easy. I downloaded Nora Roberts' Chasing Fire which was released April 22, 2011. There are limited numbers of copies of Kindle versions just like physical books so if a book you want is not available you may have to add it to your wish list. When my 14 days expires, I do nothing. The book just disappears from my Kindle and I can check it back out if its available.

You can also download digital books onto other devices such as iPods, iPhones, iPads and other eReaders. You will just need to download the OverDrive App and follow the instructions given on the Tulsa library website. At this time some readers ARE NOT supported  or have limited functionality so make sure you check out the website to find out before you go out and make a specific purchase.

Another reason that I am especially excited about this is that this year my 5th grader gets to read books that interest him and not just Accelerated Reader books for a test. He loves reading on his iPod, but I am really thinking for Christmas that I may encourage reading a little further by taking a leap and getting him his own Kindle. Oh, I can't believe we only have 86 more shopping days until Christmas!

If you are not in the Tulsa area and want to see if your local library is participating yet in the OverDrive network, click here

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