In Your Neck of The Woods: Good Bye, New Facebook, Guest Posts- A Plethora

Today we say good-bye to the In Your Neck of the Woods meme. We are currently are thinking of some ideas for the future in way of a new meme. But, we would like YOUR input! Please comment and leave some suggestions for us to discuss!

Meanwhile, in my Neck of the Woods, I've become a "developer" for Facebook. Really, I wish that was as important as it may sound-like come with salary, but it doesn't. It just means I can see the new timeline that is soon coming and mess with it BEFORE others. And I can show it to you, because well, I can screenshot.

It's kind of like a blog/MySpace less the crap. (Just to prove the point MarkyZ wouldn't like me to say this, the whole second half of this sentence appeared in broken code for no reason whatsoever, randomly- and I did not notice till this morning, after it had been up over 7 hours. Hmmmm. I did not know his power was so vast!)

I've been a member of FB for 4 years, 5 months and 9 days. I've been here since all my friends were Canadian. I've been through many a change. None of them really bother me. This one doesn't either. But, I am a little more tech savvy than the average person (I think). I am NOT so sure the older generation is going to be down with it, but it looks very good to me!

You can also go way back easily. Like when my kids looked like this:

and I was posting about Christmas. You can move back very quickly to catch up with people, and starting from when born, you can see when all your family (confirmed as so) came along, then you graduated, etc., etc. It's so cool. Really it is. Don't be scared. 


Next up, I am here to unveil the NEW button for guest posters which you will be able to have for your page when you guest post here and are Housewife for a Day!

Just click the Guest Post tab and see how to do it!

**We have had a lot of requests for tees! Please know the FASTEST way with the most selection of types and sizes is to visit our Cafe Press store. You can click over right to it using the link at the top left of this page! **

Thanks for coming by today!

Mrs. Sinclair,


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