Perfect on Paper

We housewives recently co-hosted a book signing, along with Debbie Vineyard of Happy First. The author, Maria Murnane, was just a doll. Maria self-published her first book entitled Perfect on Paper. She shared her story that led up to and the completion of her book. Let me tell you, her life story could be a book. Wow! Housewives across the world can only dream of doing all that she's done. She was quite motivational - don't let life keep you from what you are passionate about.

We had a great turnout, even with the nasty weather that evening. We hosted the event at Hideaway Pizza in South Tulsa. As much as I'd like to rave about the service that evening, I can't. However, our waiter did the best he could, especially considering he was the only  waiter for our entire group. Poor guy!

We were thrilled that Cindy Morrison, former local newscaster turned self-published author of Girlfriends 2.0 even came!

We enjoyed visiting with Maria and Cindy and all the other fabulous women who came out for the event. 

The protagonist in Maria's book is Waverly Bryson. Cute name, huh? Throughout the book you will find Honey Notes. Like this one for example:

"Is it worse to be fake or Bitchy?" 
"Honey, just face it, if you're asking, you're probably both." 

Maria is genius. She is now selling Honey Notes notecards, totes & t-shirts. We loved them! 

If you are in need of a great chick-lit book, then we highly recommend purchasing Perfect on Paper. What a fun read. 

You can read more about Maria Murnane on her website & Facebook. You can also follow Waverly Bryson and Honey Notes on Facebook as well. 

Reading fun chick-lit like...... 

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