Sneaking a Peek Into Your Neck of the Woods- CYA to the Sun!!

Twenty-Five years! Wow! That is the number of years that my hometown Wilson, OK has been having its annual Fall Fest. So hard to believe that I was, yes- 11 years old when we celebrated the first event. For the several years now I have tried to make it a point to go back during Labor Day weekend to celebrate this event and catch up with old friends and family. This year I actually participated a little differently.
 I ran/walked/giggled/talked/jogged and giggled my way through my first 5K!

I joined my Moma for her second 5K and my cousin Tonya for her first 5K.
I have been reading this book since Christmas 2010 called Run Like a Mother.  I started reading this book because I placed on my bucket list to run a 1/2 marathon by October of this year. Yeah, it usually doesn't take me nine months to read a book. I really do want to be a runner and not just a walker, but I need a magic spell placed over me to "like" running. So, I did not succeed in my plan of a 13.1 but, I do have my first race under my belt.
You know, it is a HUGE thing to do something like this by yourself  and train like both my cousin and Moma have done. But another secret that helps go the extra mile is the encouragement received from family, friends and other peers. Crossing the finish line was an amazing feeling of success and having each and every organizer, sponsor and participant that finished before us to cheer us on was an absolute honor.

Congratulations to all CYA to the Sun 5K Run/Walk Fall Fest 2011 participants!
My Moma & Me before the race!
Moma, Me & Tonya striking a pose- maybe we should just model running wear.

Ha Ha- Goofballs at the start line!
I really didn't want to share this one. See the support at the finish line. My son  is even there. We really need to work on my form. LOL! Oh and our time...we tied of course (even though I think she beat me) ...42.87!
Isn't this why you run? For the t-shirts.

That's what happened in my neck of the woods this week, what about you? Inquiring RHOK'in Housewives want to know! Grab the button, link up, and we will be over to visit!


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